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Eastside Pathways' Values Statement

on Sat, 03/31/2012 - 21:39


On March 10th, some 35 people from across Bellevue, representing as much as possible the wide range of communities and stakeholders in our community, gathered to advance the conversation that started way back at the launch of Eastside Pathways in June 2011, namely to agree on the values that will guide our work.

For each of these folks, this meeting was a significant commitment.  A commitment not only of a Saturday morning, but also a commitment to think broadly of their role in the community, the various ways they connect to the community and to represent those connections and perspectives in our conversation.

I am proud to be able to say that all of these committed and vocal advocates were able to agree, after a morning’s worth of conversation, on the following values statement.

Eastside Pathways believes it is our shared responsibility to serve and support all children and youth in our community in an open-minded and dignified manner.   Our quest is to take action based on understanding rather than on assumptions.  Therefore, we value:

  • Each individual’s unique qualities, strengths, and potential;
  • Partnerships with parents, families, and caregivers;
  • Our community’s diversity;
  • Collective accountability; and
  • Pursuit of organizational excellence and continuous improvement.

Eastside Pathways pursues its mission with integrity and respect.

This statement was supported unanimously by the group and likewise approved unanimously by the board in the same meeting.  As Eastside Pathways moves forward, we will be increasingly faced with important decisions about how and when to act, how to organize, whom to consult for guidance and how to hold ourselves accountable.  This statement will be an invaluable guidepost in making those decisions.

Our new “wordle” (above) – the same and yet different from June’s version.

A special thanks to Eastside Pathways partner Youth Eastside Services for the use of their meeting room for this event.

The Eastside Pathways’ Values Statement article from the February 2012 newsletter gives background information on what a values statement is and why Eastside Pathways feels the need to have one.