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Eastside Pathways: Every Child a Success

Our Mission

Eastside Pathways mobilizes our entire community to support every child, step by step, from cradle to career. Families, providers, schools and cities unite around common goals, measurements, and strategies to maximize each child’s opportunity for a productive, fulfilling life.

Our Values

Eastside Pathways believes it is our shared responsibility to serve and support all children and youth in our community in an open-minded and dignified manner.   Our quest is to take action based on understanding rather than on assumptions.  Therefore, we value:

  • Each individual’s unique qualities, strengths, and potential;
  • Partnerships with parents, families, and caregivers;
  • Our community’s diversity;
  • Collective accountability; and
  • Pursuit of organizational excellence and continuous improvement.

Eastside Pathways pursues its mission with integrity and respect.

Our Goals

In pursuit of our mission and vision, Eastside Pathways works toward achieving six goals:

  • Every child has a healthy start.
  • Parents and significant adults are supported in their efforts to help their child succeed.
  • Every child attains optimal physical and mental health and safety.
  • Every child develops social and emotional skills for life effectiveness.
  • Every child is prepared for academic and work success.
  • The community plays an active role in the success of Bellevue’s children.

These goals were developed with input from Eastside Pathways’ partner organizations and community members.  Taken together, these goals will help us ensure that every child is a success along their journey from birth to adulthood.

Eastside Pathways Engages, Connects, and Supports

Eastside Pathways provides the framework to sustain an on-going, community-wide effort to make a measureable difference for kids.  We do this by engaging, connecting, and supporting organizations and individuals who contribute to their successful upbringing.  We are using the evidence-based Collective Impact Framework, developed by the Strive Partnership of Cincinnati, to build civic infrastructure and educate our children. 

Strong Support from the Community

Bellevue School District leaders and School Board, as well as the leaders of the City of Bellevue have endorsed the initiative. On June 10, 2011, we held a kick-off event for service providers. Seventy-nine people attended representing 38 different organizations.  Currently, there are dozens of partner organizations including the Bellevue School District, the City of Bellevue, social service agencies, parent groups, health organizations, cultural networks, funders, teachers, parents, family members, and youth. Together, we will:

  • Define goals and track metrics to show progress toward our goals.
  • Identify research-based strategies, programs, and approaches that are critical to success and build specific and coordinated plans to implement them.
  • Discover gaps and overlaps in services and realign so that all children are served equitably and resources are managed most effectively.
  • Celebrate our successes and focus on areas needing improvement.